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West Texas

The scrubby West Texas landscape took over the horizon once I was a few miles west of Sweetwater. Wind turbines began to dwindle, although pockets of them popped up from time to time. Oil and gas drilling rigs and bobbing pumpjacks showed up more frequently, as this was the heart of the Permian Basin.

(Soggy) Adventures in Abilene

I spent Friday morning in a comfortable coffee shop owned by the sister of my host. It was roomy with mosaic tables, good coffee and friendly service. A patio extended along the rear wall overlooking a creek, trees and shrubbery. I wrote, I surfed, I uploaded pictures. I had a nice lunch. It continued to rain intermittently.

Off to Dallas

It took me a while to leave Austin. I’d forgotten to drop off my Census form so I drove over to a post office off Exposition. School had just gotten out so cars plodded along at a few miles per hour as kids romped around. A shiny silver Jaguar pulled out of the school driveway. I finally got to the post office, dropped off my letter and was officially ready to go. I flipped over to Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings on my iPod and got ready to make this land my land.

Snow Day in Austin

It snowed in Austin today.

I sleepily pulled the right cord on the blinds this morning, expecting the sun to stream in as it usually does. But there it was: a temperamental mix of precipitation – sometimes a softer rain but then shifting to a crisp sleet giving way to large flakes of snow.