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A Grand Teton Sunrise

I pulled off the highway beside a wooden fence that seemed to head right at Grand Teton. A fading layer of fog obscured the lower end of the mountain but the peak glowed in the rising sun. Clouds above cast ribbons of shadows across the range. The moon was still visible high above.

Springtime in New York

New York comes to life in April. The smells emerge from the blanket of snow, the neighbors mingle outside coffeeshops, the stores crack their windows and prop open their doors.

A Moonlit Walk in Austin

After a return to Austin before leaving to New York for a few days, I spent an evening wandering around Austin looking for scenes worth capturing. I started near Auditorium Shores where I found a picturesque shot of downtown Austin, and while setting up for it, the professional next to me mentioned how he was waiting for the full moon to rise.