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Building an Insanely Great Team

“Luck,” she said, “lots of luck. And patience.” I asked Sam, my girlfriend, for her thoughts on how we built our team. She’s right – it definitely takes plenty of both.

Back to the blog; mycirQle becomes Delve

It’s been a heads-down ride so far at mycirQle, which we recently evolved to Delve, and I’ve been generally struggling to invest the time in tending to this piece of land. But as I start to have a bit more time to think, I’ve missed this, and I’m looking forward to posting a bit more frequently here.

Up in the Air

There’s no app for the big decisions in life. I can’t plug this data set into a recommendation algorithm or have some prediction engine tell me what the right decision is or how either path will turn out. Sometimes, oftentimes, one path turns into two and you can only pick one, and those that pretend as if there’s a formula to these questions haven’t ever truly faced them.

A New Direction: The Blog Evolves Into a Startup

Many of the next few blog posts will be my attempts at identifying the problems along the process and dealing with them. I’ll be discussing entrepreneurship, recruiting, networking, fundraising, and of course, building the product itself and getting it out there. And scattered among them will be other random ideas, other stops along the way.